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The Stones That the Builders Rejected, Inc

The Stones That the Builders Rejected, Inc

3749 Delor suite 1
St. Louis, MO 63116

Phone: 6787536283
Email:  tsttbr1@gmail.com

Website:  The Stones That the Builders Rejected, Inc

The Rejected Stones Resource Center is a facility designed for U.S. Veterans, single mothers with children, probationers, and parolees. The facility aspires to offer services for housing, transportation, employment resources, job training, resume preparation, Internet access for employment seeking, clothing vouchers for interviews, and other services that will facilitate the process of getting individuals back into the mainstream of society and off the fringes.
We also offer 12-step meetings, community service hours for individuals on probation and parole, classes that address some of the thinking processes and errors in thinking that have contributed to these individuals being on the fringes of society. Our approach is holistic in its scope, thereby addressing the bio, psycho, and social issues that plague individuals that have been incarcerated.
We are profoundly aware of the fact that when people get out of the mainstream of society and get into survival mode, that they acquire errors in thinking, a victim mentality, and character defects such as rationalizing destructive behavior and chemical usage satisfying distorted perceptions, denial, and a host of after psychological issues. Our goal is to dismantle these erroneous thought processes in order to restore the individual to being a productive member of society.

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