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InGlobed - International Institute for Global Education and Development

InGlobed - International Institute for Global Education and Development

InGlobed | Balh Road | Naddi (P.O. Dal Lake) | Upper Dharamshala | India 17621
Dharamshala (Naddi), India 176216

Phone: +919882769693
Email:  hr@inglobed.org

Website:  InGlobed - International Institute for Global Education and Development

InGlobed, a not-for-profit social enterprise organization, advances the cause of global awarness torwards global peace and global sustainable development through global education and training, exchange, and development programs at learning and work-places around the world.

InGlobed stands for an International Network of Global Education and Development. A small team of Professionals, Interns and Volunteers creates a Global Network that is dedicated to create global awareness on individual and collective level by setting up an association of global professional, offering research possibilities to young scientists, facilitating institutional strategies, cooperating with Northern Indian Universities to offer international students exchange programs and designing and providing activities on grass root level with local communities.

International interns, volunteers and young leader are essential to InGlobed. Our interns, volunteers and leaders bring passion, innovation, hard work and, most importantly, their personal skills and experience.

Check out the available fields below, contact us and join us as a volunteer, intern, or young leader!

Fields: Human Ressources, Marketing and PR, Research/Events/Publications, Education/Training, Network/Exchange, Consulting/Services, Outreach Programs.

If our current opportunities do not correspond to your professional profile, you can submit a spontaneous application with your focus of interest, key activities and a motivation letter.

See http://inglobed.org/ for more information.

All Internships for InGlobed - International Institute for Global Education and Development:

IT Coordinator (Intern) (Dharamshala (Naddi)) 11/27/2013
IT / Web Design Intern (Dharamshala (Naddi)) 11/27/2013
Human Resources Intern (Dharamshala (Naddi)) 11/26/2013

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MA06 Marketing & Communications Intern InternChina Qingdao 2018
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PM03- Merchandiser with a E-Commerce Fas InternChina Qingdao 2018
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PM01 - Account Executive Internship with InternChina Qingdao 2018
SA04 - Business Development Intern InternChina Qingdao 2018
SA03 Business Development at a Top Tec InternChina Qingdao 2018
SA02 Business Development at a Interna InternChina Qingdao 2018
SA01 Sales & Admin Internship with Sup InternChina Qingdao 2018
Chinese Translation Agency (Ref.:CDTL02) InternChina Qingdao 2018
Media & Marketing Specialist for Blockch InternChina Qingdao 2018
Educational Research and Teaching Specia InternChina Qingdao 2018
Social Media Specialist (Ref:CDBS128) InternChina Qingdao 2018
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