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Company/Organization: Beijing Tomatoart Fine Art and Language Training Center


Responsible for contacting with domestic institutes of higher learning, translating and sorting out material of school, applying for multinational cooperation of establishing school with institute of higher learning from China Education Ministry, translating the relevant inspection formalities of the cooperating president and other persons in charge who want to go to Europe to inspect; foreign representatives can enjoy the free group trip to foreign countries.


Good command of English is essential, responsible, dealing with social relationships and the emergencies coming up.

End Date:

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Additional Info:
Kid Art Education Center is established by East Culture and Art College and GIAMBOS - Associazione Amici del Giambos together in 2011. The major business is to provide training for kids art education and language test.
There are four school distinct in China, which is in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Jilin. There are thousands of students studying here each year, and around 200 foreign students. It has good income and social reputation at present.

Beijing Dongyi Fine Art and Language Training Center has been authorized by culture ministry cultural and art talent center, and start the work of culture ministry cultural trades professional qualifications training authorization. After professional theory course and professional course training, students can attend the culture ministry cultural trades’ professional qualifications authorization, and will receive the cultural trades’ primary, intermediate and senior professional qualification certificate, which is awarded by MHRSS and culture ministry.
Authorized by culture ministry cultural and art talent center, college has start 9 types, 18 majors’ professional qualification authorization of cultural trades’ national job standard, such as acting, singing, dancing, instruments playing and so on.

Teacher resources:
Art Center and Kid Art Education Center has great teacher resources. School center hires a batch of professor, associate professor, performing artists and Chinese painting and calligraphy artists from famous universities such as BFA, CUC, CCOM, and Chinese Conservatory of Music, CAFA, and Central Academy of Drama and so on, and art troupes which are directly under the culture ministry in a strict recruitment procedure. Also has professional communication and holds academic forums with professional people of film, culture, music and art from all over the world. Excellent teachers will have chance to become cultural trades profession qualification authorizer. The principal is WangYougui, who is national famous composer. Great teacher resources and good teaching pattern will help students actually learn skills. And also train these students into realistic type talent when facing future, society and world.
The working place are in Beijing , Tianjin , Shanghai, Jilin . From this experience you can know more about Chinese culture and customs. The first month of training will be in Tianjin University.

Looking forward to joining us!

Laura Lin
Representative of Recruitment Office
International language and art training center
Beijing Tomatoart Fine Art and Language Training Center
Email: maria@eccbu.org
TEL: +86 10 6460 6298F 400 7000989

About Salary:
First month:
4 and a half days per week, and 5 hours per day.
First three months of salary:

About Internship Salary:
(totally:3 M): 1000.00 $/M (including the accommodation fee 300.00$) + % (Bonus)
After three months of salary:
Salary: 1500.00 – 2000.00 $/M (including the accommodation fee 300.00$) + % (Bonus) (about 2000.00USD)

Worked for more than three months, our school is responsible for reimbursement of half of the international air tickets, and provides 15 days of free training of Chinese and sightseeing tour.

Attendance: the first three months (mainly to learn half a day and to work half a day in school, one can master Chinese knowledge and working skills, on the other hand can use the skills which have learned into work), four days a week, five hours a day. Three months later, five days a week, seven hours a day.
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Beijing Tomatoart Fine Art and Language Training Center

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