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Company/Organization: Manifold Ventures LLC


Manifold Ventures LLC
Intern Position

High Level:
The Company is a technology venture developing an exciting new content platform for internet users. The Company offers an internship program (“Internship Program”) for individuals interested in the Company’s business whereby such individuals are offered an unpaid internship to work with the Company. Such an internship provides interns a hands-on learning experience working in a technology business. Specifically, an internship provides an opportunity to work on an independent project to develop content, learn different aspects of how the Company’s technology functions, and/or interact with online content providers and users. On completion of their internship, the Company provides each intern a letter of reference about the intern’s activities and accomplishments.

In particular, details of the content curation component are outlined below.

Looking for: 
?People who are passionate about/interested in different topics (some topics will be better/have higher priority, but open to seeing what people are interested in and going from there).
?The work will involve creating/curating some content - compiling pictures and brief descriptions of what the pictures are about.
?We have to be careful of course to ensure that the photos selected are ok for use by us (I have picked some random pictures below just for sake of example).
?The key to shine in this role will be to select beautiful pictures with a consistent theme across the descriptions (a witty tone, for example).
?Looking for anywhere from fifty to a few hundred pictures.
?Per your interest, this could also be a good opportunity to learn about the inner workings of a tech startup from the ground up (including the technology, team building, sales & marketing, business strategy, etc) 
?Lets say you are an intern and are interested in chess. 
?Pictures you collect might include a picture of a famous historical game played years ago with a description of the games significance. 
?Another picture might include an exquisitely carved chess set in some uncommon material, with a description of how/when/where/why the set was made. 
?Another picture might be from the recent popular Netflix series The Queens Gambit. 
?Another might be a scene from NYCs Union Square 
You get the picture (pun intended). 

?The position is unpaid as of now (since we are a brand new startup with our initial funding committed to other functions like building out the tech)
?If we work well together, I have a lot of thoughts on how it can be constructed into a paid or full-time position (as well as several other ways that you can receive credit). 
?I also have plans to put in a revenue share program for certain content creation/curation roles that could amount to significant income if the company achieves its goal. 

Next Steps:
?Please reach out for further details (dont be shy, Id be happy to have a conversation, and happy to discuss different types of interests).
?Feel free to suggest people in your network who might be interested.  
?People of all ages/types welcome (it might appear like this is a good fit for a younger person starting out their career, but as long you have a topic you are interested in and willing to put in a bit of work, we can potentially work well - I have already recruited a 60 year old woman who has her own career, for example)

?Please reach out by email: shiv@manifoldventures.net


13 weeks

Tech  Startup   
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Manifold Ventures LLC

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