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Company/Organization: Hope Development Volunteers


Making a difference in the world of those in need is the main goal in life. No matter where we come from or who we are, there are others in more need than you do! So let’s help them together and share the experiences.....

Programs are available in over 100 program sites in 8 countries from 1-24 weeks. These countries are: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ghana, Zambia and Namibia


Required Volunteer Qualifications

No qualifications necessary, other than the ability to speak English. Minimum age to volunteer independently is 18 years old for the Hope Development Volunteers program. Teens that are 15-17 years old can enroll in our Teen Volunteer Abroad Africa program which is offered in selected program sites. We also encourage families to volunteer, where the minimum age for children volunteering is eight years old. We also accommodate both large and small groups. A volunteer must have no physical disability and ready to come and offer his or her time in Africa.

Hope Development Volunteers is the top rated Volunteer & Adventure Travel Program in Africa. Hope Development Volunteers allows you to combine meaningful volunteer projects with action-packed adventure travel into the ultimate life-changing experience. Hope Development Volunteers partners with more than 100 local and international organizations in eight countries to offer volunteer experiences that truly make a difference.

Additional Info:
Explore Africa with a Meaningful Internship or Volunteer Experience!
Gain valuable real-world experience with an internship or volunteer position with Hope Development Volunteers. Choose from our diverse assortment of health, environment and socio-economic projects collaborating with local African partner NGOs.
Africa is one of those rare destinations in the world that seems to have the unique combination of natural beauty, intriguing history, and vibrant culture and much of this continent still remains wild and uncharted.
Meaningful Travel in 8 Countries - Volunteer, Intern and Teach English and French
If youre looking for a unique travel experience abroad, look no further! Go Volunteer Africa (HDV) programs are the perfect way to meet new people, immerse yourself in new cultures and make a difference abroad.
Be part of it with Hope Development Volunteers!
Imagine seeing the world differently...Imagine finding a travel organization which offers a wide range of meaningful travel opportunities in 8 countries in Africa. Imagine taking your pick from volunteer projects, teaching English and French programs, work experience internships and language/culture immersion programs. Do more than imagine - Make it Happen. Inquire about our meaningful travel opportunities. E-mail us: info@govolunteerafrica.org
Experience meaningful travel while working hand in hand with local communities. With destinations across Africa, Go Volunteer Africa specializes in reliable and challenging international volunteer placements abroad that make a real difference in local communities.
Travel with purpose! Go Volunteer Africa (HDV) allows you to experience a country in a different manner than any other travel opportunity. It provides a fun adventure packed with rich ingredients that will not only make you feel good, but will improve the lives of others. Volunteering provides real work experience that will build skills and offer something substantial to employers. It might even change your life!
Build an international social and job network like no other: Meet other volunteers, and work with local citizens and professionals also striving to make beneficial improvements to their communities.
Now Hope Development Volunteers (Go Volunteer Africa) is an experiential learning program that combines international travel, inter-cultural exchange, adventure, volunteer community service work, and homestays.
Hope Development Volunteers addresses critical local-African issues by providing meaningful and sustainable volunteer service to local communities, and investing in the local economies and people. The continuous, year-round service that Hope Development Volunteers provides creates opportunities for cultural exchange, promotes education, childhood development, and healthy living; encourages domestic volunteering and awareness of community needs; breaks down stigmas and stereotypes; and improves quality of life.
Volunteering with Hope Development Volunteers is the experience of a lifetime, where you are choosing service as a means of learning about other cultures, global issues, and making a positive impact on communities abroad and at home. But the positive effects of volunteering abroad with Go Volunteer Africa dont stop when you return home.
As a volunteer with Go Volunteer Africa you will:
? Gain new perspectives and insight into another culture and yourself.
? Experience another culture and country at a deep and personal level from the inside out.
? Gain hands-on experience that will distinguish you on professional level for career development.
? Make a positive impact on the community in the areas of education, childhood development, healthcare, and other social services.
Volunteer  Uganda    Volunteer  Africa    Volunteer  Kenya    Volunteer  Tanzania    Volunteer  Burundi    Volunteer  Ghana    Volunteer  Namibia 
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Hope Development Volunteers

Hope Development Volunteers is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded in 2009 with offices in Uganda, with operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ghana, Zambia and Namibia.

Our mission: To maximize the benefits from tourism and travel of all kinds for the most vulnerable people in Africa and to involve as many people as possible in development work .

Many visitors to Africa witness the harsh realities of poverty at first hand. They then want to help, but are unsure how:

How should you respond to street children begging for food or money?
What are the issues surrounding many orphanages in Africa, and are there better alternative solutions for children in desperate need?
What makes a successful volunteer placement, and what can go wrong if these requirements are not in place?
How can you do something positive if you only have a day or two to spare?
Our Role – Matchmaker between organizations and volunteers
Those involved with running projects and other voluntary organizations know how difficult it is to obtain sufficient resources to undertake their work. This includes resources of all kinds: funding, human resources, materials etc.

Hope Development Volunteers works in cooperation with grassroots organizations in Africa. We support these organizations through recruitment of volunteers and grants to support their work and help increase their capacity. As part of our partnership with these organizations, Hope Development Volunteers has made certain aspects a priority, things we feel are very important in a working relationship and to make sure both sides benefit as much as possible.

The organizations Hope Development Volunteers works with in Africa were established and are run by native residents. They existed prior to Hope Development Volunteers’ involvement with them and run completely without interference from Hope Development Volunteers. Their main purpose is to support their local community: mainly children, youth and vulnerable adults.

The volunteer programs which Hope Development Volunteers promotes are owned and run by our partners. Even though Hope Development Volunteers often offers advice and support to our partners when setting up their volunteer program, the partner organization determines what the program consists of: content, finance and practical matters are all decided upon by the partner, before Hope Development Volunteers begins promoting the program to potential volunteers.

Hope Development Volunteers is a matchmaker with a dual role of providing the solutions for both the international volunteers and the not-for-profit organizations in Africa. We assure a good organization-volunteer match by gathering pertinent information about both prospective volunteers and non-profit organizations in Africa.

Thousands of people are anxious to donate their time and abilities but become frustrated because they don’t know where their talents are needed. At the same time, hundreds of African non-profit organizations are seeking competent volunteers to enable them to carry on their very important work.

As a service organization- Hope Development Volunteers matches volunteers with non-profit organizations in Africa that need them. Hope Development Volunteers runs a Volunteer Referral Service that assists not-for-profits to find the right volunteer for the right volunteer placements.

At Hope Development Volunteers offices we have information on a range of projects engaged in community development and support activities, and which supplement the work of the government.

All our member projects need your support and are well managed, financially transparent, and work in partnership with local people. Every project is different and requires different types of help. Call in and browse through their information, and talk to our staff. We can explain what each project does, and what sort of assistance it requires, such as:

funding – (day to day expenses, food, building projects, child sponsorship)
materials – (school equipment, books and pens, clothes, uniforms, building materials)
raising awareness of their activities

Hope Development Volunteers    [ All of our Internships ]

Kampala, Jinja road
Kampala, Uganda 256

Phone: +256757389926
Email:  info@govolunteerafrica.org
Website:  Hope Development Volunteers

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