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Top Five Strategies for Making the Most of Your Internship (part 3)

3. Display Energy and Enthusiasm

There is no bigger downer in a workplace than working with someone who is negative and apathetic on a regular basis. The opposite is true when working alongside someone who excited and eager to get a job done. The most successful interns are those that display an upbeat attitude and a genuine interest in performing their role.

Now, it is not recommended that you show up with pom poms and a cheerleading outfit, but it is necessary that you maintain a positive outlook while at the internship. Being energetic and enthusiastic about an internship not only demonstrates sincere interest in your role to the employer, it also helps to create a pleasant environment.

Exuding energy and enthusiasm is also imperative for students hoping for full-time job offers. Most employers have long held the belief that energetic, enthusiastic employees are happy in their positions and therefore more successful. Students who demonstrate these qualities from the start will more likely obtain greater opportunities in the future.

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