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ECrent Worldwide

ECrent Worldwide

Warrington Finance Limited, Unit B5, 28/F, TML Tower, 3 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, NT
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 000

Email:  hrus@ecrent

Website:  ECrent Worldwide

ECrent is a internet rental service website that aims to help support the environment while providing viewers items for rent on our website.

Protect our Earth

In this age of consumerism, consumption is king so we produce and produce consumer products and people are encouraged to buy and buy, but many of these products are not biodegradable or recyclable. People buy these products only to throw them away after a few months and they buy something else in place, a newer model, a faster product, a better model etc. Landfills all over the world are filling up with items that are not necessarily unusable, in fact many of the items such as handbags, electrical and electronic equipments, music instruments, etc are still in perfect working order when they are being thrown away and such items that are tossed in the trash on a daily basis take up 36.6% of our landfills internationally, which is more than a quarter of all the waste we produce everyday. Many of these items are not biodegradable or recyclable and we are polluting the environment when we throw these items away.

Save Money Rent instead of Buy

Here at ecrent we encourage the protection and preservation of our precious environment and we are committed to the cause of waste reduction. We provide a platform for people to rent instead of buying frivolously. Through our platform, renters can contact owners direct, so not only will you save money by renting, you can also help protect the environment.

Go Green and Make Money

For owners who have any belongings that you no longer have use for, yet these items are still usable, then you dont need to dispose of them. Simply place them up on the ecrent website and you may just find that person who would like to utilize your items. That way you can make some extra cash with your idle assets and at the same time help cut down the number of waste products that enter our landfills on a daily basis and protect our environment. Remember, putting your belongings up for rent on ecrent means going green and helping protect the environment.

Try before you Buy

Not sure if a product that you like is suitable for you long term? Now you can try out a product before actually buying it for real so that you can decide whether you like it before you actually buy it and keep it for good. Here at ecrent, we provide a large variety of different products for rent, from cars to electronic gadgets, from wedding gowns to handbags and more. For a limited rental fee, you can try out any item that you can imagine and some items have lease to buy options so you can actually keep the items if you decide you like them after renting them for a while. So what are you waiting for? Simply log onto ecrent, go green and start renting now!

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