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Sustainable Development Project Manager, India

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Company/Organization: ConservEN- Conserve Natural India


Project Manager
Reports to: Program Coordinator
Responsible for: Project Assistant Manager/s
Timeframe: 3-12 months

As a Sustainability Project Manager, you are responsible for one environmental project in a particular cluster (this may be one project located in several centres). The current projects are:

Sanitation of water, air and soil for health village life: This program works with the reduction of trash and waste, the reuse or recycling of trash and waste and the education of the local community and organization interns on environmental conservation and conscientious living. Additionally, this project is now launching a composting toilet initiative in order to reduce water use, ‘”blackwater” creation and to create microfinance opportunities for marginalized peoples. The SWASH project also connects with local marginalized communities (trash pickers) to help facilitate recycling projects. In this way, ConservEN uses community connections and support to raise awareness about environmental issues.

2. OrgFarm
Organic Farming: This program focuses on many aspects of small-scale organic farming. Some of these focus areas are vertical gardening, house gardens, organic herbal cultivation, organic seed creation and storage, mushroom cultivation and composting. The organic farming position consists of a combination of hands- on farm work, research, and community outreach. Our organic farms are designed to generate interest in organic farming in rural areas, by serving as a functional model of sustainable, healthy, and profitable food production. Experience in organic cultivation, seed- saving, soil remediation, composting, or teaching would also be an asset for this position.

3. WildForests
WildForests is a new project that is yet to be initiated. Therefore, it requires a committed and dedicated person with strong leadership and self-initiation skills in order to develop, plan and implement this project. This job role will involve managing public and private forested lands for economic, recreational, and conservation purposes. In developing this project, you will determine how to conserve wildlife habitats, creek beds, water quality, and soil stability, and how best to comply with local environmental regulations. You will also devise plans for planting and growing new trees, monitor trees for healthy growth, and determine optimal harvesting schedules.

The project has five main activities:
• establishing community based forest management,
• community outreach and education,
• planning and implementing wildlife protection and conservation awareness raising and,
• support for improved agriculture and other income generating activities.

4. EcoVolunteerTravel
This program is still in the initial planning stages, with the goal to be in full implementation in April of 2013. Our goal is to promote markets for eco-tourism and agro-tourism. It is a responsible tourism initiative that provides the conscientious tourist with community homestays, local guides and activities, and opportunities to volunteer and contribute to numerous EduCare projects.

5. REstore
REstore is project that aims to empower the local community to make informed decisions about what types of products they produce, purchase and consume; or the facilities and buildings that they construct. In the form of an environment awareness center/ organic products and renewable energy store/cafe, REstore provides free information on environmentally friendly ways of living, and aim to make many of the eco-friendly products available to purchase as these alternatives are not easily accessible to the local community. Some examples of what REstore promotes are: solar energy products, bio-gas plants, organic farming methods, natural cleaning products and rural waste management processes. This project is still in the stages of planning with a high potential for rapid development and implementation.

The Project Manager’s role is to innovate and manage one or more projects within the areas listed above, with the support of Project Assistant Managers, at a specified cluster location within one of the three EduCARE India centres: Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan. They work closely with the Program Coordinator to implement on-ground projects and manage them daily, monitor and evaluate these projects and their resource needs on a weekly and monthly basis, and update the project manuals, with the assistance of the Project Assistant Manager. Additionally, the Project Manager should reach out to their community and create/maintain communication and collaboration with the local people for their education and empowerment.


Tasks and responsibilities:

Project Management:
• Research and initiate new projects
• Manage existing projects within the assigned program cluster
• Monitor, evaluate and report on the project activities to the Program Coordinator
• Liaise with the Program Coordinator to acquire material and non material resources
• Create and update project manuals regularly
• Create long term, medium term and short term plans with the support of the Program Coordinator
• Organize and chair the project committee meetings
• Coordinate and support Cluster Coordinator in cluster events
• Liaise between Project Assistant Managers and Program Coordinators
• Help manage the feedback, concerns, and needs of the Project Assistant Managers within their projects.
• Create blog posts related to their projects regularly.
• Liaise with people from the local community, fostering good relations.

Benefits and Application

Free on-site accommodation is provided. Free access to Internet is provided in the various centers and some houses. Additionally, work-related transportation and phone expenses (partially) are provided for by the organisation.

Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years of age and hold a university degree or be in the process of obtaining a university degree. There is a one-time legal fee of US$ 460 to be confirmed with our organization.




3-12 months

environment    conservation    green    community  development    rural    agriculture    sustainable  development    women    youth    tourism 
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ConservEN- Conserve Natural India

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