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Top Five Strategies for Making the Most of Your Internship (part 2)

2. Go Above and Beyond

There is a common belief held by many successful service-oriented companies. In addition to providing their standard services, these companies always strive to go above and beyond their customer expectations. For example, a customer may go into hardware store to buy a a lawnmower. The customer expects to pick out a lawnmower, pay for it and load it into his or her vehicle. The hardware store Manager would exceed the customer’s expectations if it sent an employee out assist the customer with loading it into his or her vehicle. Most likely, the customer would remember the gesture and be more likely to favor that store in the future.

Similarly, you will be more likely to receive favorable reviews and be considered for full-time employment if you exceed your employer’s expectations. For example, if you are a Public Relations intern and are expected to identify two new media sources a week, you could exceed expectations by finding four or five. If you are a computer programmer intern and are expected to test five programs a week, you could go above and beyond by testing six or seven.

The possibilities for exceeding employer expectations and going above and beyond are endless. In most cases, doing so will result in many benefits to you as an intern and as a potential full-time employee.

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